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Revealed by God to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj on 7-8-2014 at Lancaster, California

 (Video Transcription by World Inside News)

  1. This nation’s hypocrisy will be torn.
  2. Its leaders are pretending. President Obama will be punished. They are making many evil plans in secret against their people. He gathers with his favorite advisers and some influential wealthy people in hidden underground places to make plans. His feathers will burn with fire.
  3. As a snake will coil around its prey, wickedness has coiled all around this nation. (Pray about including my dream and video of the encircling of the Satanic Temple around the United States, as well as dreams about the snake coiling)
  4. Gays will come to rule. They will even be appointed to positions and offices. Now when they come to rule and when they are appointed to offices and to positions of influence, this is what they will do﹘their main target will be children. Why will they target the children? This is Satan’s diabolical evil plan to thwart the plan of God over the children.
  5. Abortion will increase. Children within the age group of 12-13 will commit abortion. Young teens between the age group of 14-15—sexual promiscuity will increase rapidly among them. Now all this is done for the rising up of the spiritual influence of the gays. Because of the spiritual influence of the gays, this kind of abortions and sexual promiscuity will increase rapidly among the younger targeted group.
  6. She is sinking deeper and deeper into a sinkhole.
  7. The military will be reduced by God to chastise the nation and pull her out of the brink of destruction.


 Source: Angel TV


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