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Russia Will Invade the U.S. — Sadhu Sundar Selveraj

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj spoke to Rick Wiles on Rick’s June 8, 2014 TRUNEWS podcast. In the interview, Sadhu Selvaraj spoke about his purpose, the calling of the Lord Jesus Christ regarding his ministry, the state of the church, and various messages and visions from the Lord Jesus. He said that early from his call in 1979, the Lord called him as an Evangelist and told him to preach about the Lord’s second coming. In all the evangelist crusades that they conducted in India, which were 3 day events, he always preached on the second coming of Jesus Christ on the last day of the crusade. He did this all the way until 2006, and in the year 2006, there came a turning point in his ministry. During the first week of June 2006, when he was going to speak at a convention in south India, as he was waiting on the Lord, he saw the Lord Jesus Christ appear before him. Jesus said that from that period of time onward He did not want him to just preach about ordinary evangelistic messages, but just to teach and preach about the signs and the coming of the Lord Jesus—preparing the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what he has been doing through various manners at crusades, evangelistic meetings, television programs, and other means.

When asked by Rick about the state of the church as he travels the world, Sadhu said that very sadly, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ has begun to be like Hosea’s wife—the prostitute wife—and has begun to prostitute the ways of God, going away from being true to her husband. He said that this is the sad state of the church today, and this is the state in not just the West, but also in the East as well.

He says that in the 1980’s, the church was corrupted by the gospel of prosperity. Now in these present times, the church is being corrupted or prostituted by this cheap grace gospel, which is an abomination to the gospel of holiness that God is calling the church into. When asked by Rick how Sadhu defined cheap grace, Sadhu then replied, “anything that is not costly.” He spoke about the command of Jesus which is recorded in Matthew 16:24-26:

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”

Sadhu then went on to exhort and testify to what Jesus said. He did say that he believes with all his heart that we are saved by grace, but that His grace does not allow us to live a life of sin, in the name of cheap grace. He says that there is a dying in following after the Lord Jesus Christ. When there is no dying﹘crucifying of our flesh—and then preaching and going on living anyway or anyhow we desire to, then this is what he called cheap grace.

While Sadhu was talking with Rick’s radio program associate before air, an angel of the Lord appeared before him with a drawn sword and told him, “I will give you words to speak when you are being interviewed.”

As soon as Sadhu began talking with Rick, the very same angel appeared again and handed him a note and said, “Tell them this.”

The note read, “Russia will invade the U.S.”

Sadhu proclaimed that it is the will of the Lord that this nation serve the living God, but not mammon. Unfortunately, many many Americans, minus the sincere Godly Americans, they are after mammon. As a result, God has permitted a spirit of lies to come upon these many preachers—even prophets—who are preaching falsehood and prophesying falsehood, because they are heaping up and reaping up treasures and also wealth for themselves. This will make the way for the great apostasy—the great falling away of the church. At the same time, God has sent His angels in white, even many saints in glory in white, walking all over the U.S. right now, calling forth a people to come out of Babylon. That is the message going out these days—to come out of Babylon and be separate. Americans must not choose to walk in sin or to have any part in sin, but to keep their hands and their hearts clean, so that they will be counted worthy to stand with the Lord.

When asked about what or where Babylon is and stands for, Sadhu said that Babylon is a system of beliefs, such as religious beliefs. He also spoke about the falsehoods that were in Babylon, such as worshipping false gods, being covetous, and living a lustful life.

A few years ago he was preaching once in Michigan. As he was preaching, he saw in an open vision, George Washington. Washington’s right foot was kneeling down and his left leg was tilted up and his head was bowing down and his tears were dropping to the ground as he was praying for America. The Lord told prophet Sadhu to listen to what he is praying. Brother Sadhu recalled hearing him praying this scene in heaven, “Lord, save my nation; save my nation; save my nation.”

Sadhu said that tears rolled down Washington’s face and down to the ground. The Lord Jesus told Sadhu, “I will surely answer the prayers of this saint.”

He mentioned also that the night before the interview, he was talking with Apostle Neville Johnson about how they both had been shown by the Lord that America was going to be attacked by Russia. He also mentioned that brother Neville spoke about the mythical bird called the Phoenix, which will rise up from the fire and his ashes. Sadhu then went on to say that the nation of America will certainly be judged. She will certainly be whipped by the Lord. She will certainly go through all this, but it is for redemption. He will turn the nation around and she will once again rise up from the ashes like the Phoenix bird, and she will seek out God and fulfill her rightful destiny.

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