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The Forgotten Gospel of the Kingdom

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Jim Bakker (Host): The signal again that we’re living in the time before the dreadful days; is that the gospel being preached? What are the signals? I want people to know it. (Jim Bakker turns to the audience) I want you to write some of these things down. This is so powerful. This is it. If you want to be where it is and what’s going on and where we are in the Biblical days — the final times. We are there!

Sadhu Sundar Selevaraj: So Matthew 24, it lists us down the events that will take place in the last days. And besides that, if you look at the last sign, the gospel of the kingdom, very sadly, it does not refer to church teachings or the gospel of salvation, which is part of the gospel of the kingdom. The gospel of salvation is or the gospel of Christ: Jesus Christ came, Jesus Christ died, and He rose again. We stop there. But the gospel of the kingdom is: Jesus Christ came, Jesus Christ died, Jesus Christ rose again, and He’s coming back again. That is the gospel of the kingdom that we must preach — that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again, and the kingdom of God is coming down to this earth to rule. So this is the gospel of the kingdom that must be preached — is not preached. So, we must raise up men and women of God — the lay people, even churches, to preach the gospel of the kingdom. Only then the end will come. So this is the final sign. Like when, what you said brother Jim, going on the air, circulating covering the whole earth — that is a fulfillment, this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world. And we also read in Revelation chapter 14, verses 6 and 7, that an angel is flying in the heavens with an eternal gospel in his hand, which is the gospel of the kingdom, and he’s preaching: “Fear God!” He’s not preaching a nice message of salvation. He’s preaching a real heart-thumping, hand-thumping, fiery message to fear God! Because His judgements are coming. Whether you like it or not, you must fear God. The God who created the heavens and the earth — the creation — you fear Him! There’s no more going to be any compromise. All those who Godly — who live Godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution because the compromisers will persecute them. Because now they’re going live a life, a standard apart, from the compromising. There’s a sheep and the goats that are mixed together that will be separated. And the sheep has a heart of following the Shepherd all the time. The goats, even by nature, run everywhere all over the mountain. So the Lord is looking for sheep.

Jim Bakker: Yes. (solemnly)   


 Source: The Jim Bakker Show

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